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42 Ton Hydraulic Dismantler

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Diesel-powered dismantler for scrapped vehicle, can be used to disassemble waste vehicles; cut the scrapped steel in the yard of steel mills, has following characteristics and advantages:

 The movement is flexible and stability at working, well adaption for working environments.

 It can be save labor cost effectively, increase dismantling speed and improve the working efficiency greatly.

 There is no electric-gas welding, no flame that can enormously boost the safety for operation.

 Adopt the the unique hydraulic system for the vehicle-dismantler which can be implemented the hydraulic shears at precise and micro movement that lead work to be stable and reliable.

 Adopt the unique undercarriage for vehicle-dismantler, pressing frame is adopted inserting and then welding model with high strength and well stability.

 The fixed rising cab and hydraulic elevating cab can be separately selected base on the actual requirements at working sites to guarantee the operators will have excellent view.


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