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Tips for material handler - How many types of grabber are there?
Bonny is one of the professional manufacturing bases of China's medium and large construction machinery. Today let us introduce you to some grabber knowledge, make you no more hesitation and doubts when choosing a grab according to your working conditions.


3 units Bonny material handling machine WZYD48-8 have left Bonny factory and are delivered to Centr
There are three material handling equipments going to be transferred to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with a sense of excitement on March 17, 2022.


The application of water-based paints on excavator, material handling equipment and dismantler
Thanks to high quality management team and more than 50 years of work experience,we has produced series of hydraulic excavators, series of hydraulic material handling machines, series of hydraulic vehicle dismantlers and other products


Bonny machines arrived at shanghai wharf to assist the policy of “carbon neutrality&am
Bonny is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic excavator、material handling equipment and scrap-vehicle dismantler, founded in 1965 and formerly known as Changjiang Excavator Works, received widely good reputation by our customers from domestic and international.


Guangxi Cummins visited Bonny Heavy Machinery
2021 is destined to be a year of hard work, Bonny overcame mountains of difficulties, in the situation of epidemic, our excavator、material handling equipment and dismantler also achieved excellent results, especially material handling equipment obtained notable achievements in the international market compared with 2020


3 units Bonny material handler WZY40-8 have left Bonny factory and are delivered to Africa
In 2021 Jun, 3 units Bonny material handler WZY40-8 ​have left Bonny factory and are delivered to Africa.


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