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3 units Bonny material handler WZY40-8 have left Bonny factory and are delivered to Africa

2021-09-28 09:48

In 2021 Jun, 3 units Bonny material handler WZY40-8 have left Bonny factory and are delivered to Africa.

The COVID epidemic started from 2020 makes the global trading business and Bonny machines export into a difficult situation. Bonny foreign trade staffs are blocked in China and are unable to attend global exhibitions which is the important way to get contact with global customers and introduce Bonny machines to foreign markets. Due to the same reason, customers of foreign countries are difficult to enter into China for technical discussion and meeting with Bonny. It was a challenge for Bonny foreign trade team to get order from international market. 

material handling machine.jpg

Based on many years working and exporting experience on global market, since 2020, Bonny foreign trade team had adjusted the marketing way and try many other methods instead of customer visiting and face to face talking. Since many years, Bonny excavator and material handler have been proven as quality products, and Bonny material handler becomes famous in scrap handling industry of many countries, Bonny brand is already a symbol for reliability, quality and productivity, many customers started with one trial order, and placed more order after operation with Bonny machines, as Bonny excavators and material handlers bring profit to the machine owners so that they are able to buy more Bonny machines. 

orange-peel grab/multi-tine grab.jpg

Since 2021, the worldwide logistics becomes abnormal and sea freight is higher and higher every month, Bonny has given up transportation by FR containers and chosen bulk carrier to deliver Bonny WZY40-8 to reduce the sea transportation costs.

The sailing date of bulk carrier is always changed and delayed, many factors may affect the shipping process. After every effort of Bonny foreign trade team with shipping agent, the 3 units WZY40-8 have been delivered before the shipping date specified in the LC. Fortunately, machines are well in Africa customer’s hand and the whole story has a good ending.

 Bonny material handler.jpg


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