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Guangxi Cummins visited Bonny Heavy Machinery

2021-11-11 16:11

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,the worldwide economies have been suffered a severe impact, furthermore construction machinery manufacturing industry is also facing an unprecedented test. 2021 is destined to be a year of hard work, Bonny overcame mountains of difficulties, in the situation of epidemic, our excavatormaterial handling equipment and dismantler also achieved excellent results, especially material handling equipment obtained notable achievements in the international market compared with 2020. The excellent results achieved cannot be separated from the support of many suppliers,  such as our component supplier, Cummins.

Recently, the general manager, marketing manager and application engineer of Guangxi Cummins company, the general manager of Chengdu branch came to our company. There was a deep discussion on the cooperation between the two sides and the future development trend of the industry.During the meeting, chairman of the board introduced the development history of Bonny Heavy Machinery for more than 50 years and the current operation and production situation, reviewed the past cooperation experience with the general manager of Cummins, who highly affirmed the product quality and performance of Bonny Heavy Machinery.After the introduction of our company, the marketing manager of Cummins still conducted a short presentation about their company, and came up with the “Non-road mobile machinery phase IV standards” which will carry out on December 1, 2022. Both sides agreed that we need to be well-versed for the new laws and regulations, adapt to the new technology for phase IV standards, enhance training for salesman and publicity for clients so that smooth transition from phase III to phase IV.

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The cooperation between Cummins and Bonny Heavy Machinery is extraordinary resultful. This exchange meeting improved the relationship and solved many problems between the two sides . In the future, Bonny Heavy Machinery will further broaden the cooperation channels with Cummins on new technologies, laying a firm foundation for the cooperation of both sides to cultivate new competitive advantages and enhance the ability of strategic layout.

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